The Trek Handbook contains the A-Z, Itinerary, Application and Disclaimer as a single download.
Download the full New Zealand Tractor Trek Handbook here

Download Detailed Itinerary with Accommodation information

The A to Z


  • All participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and meals. A list of camping facilities and motels can be found here.


  • The Tractor Trek is a social event and the organisers acknowledge that participants will wish to partake in and enjoy the many social gatherings that occur on the event. The responsible consumption of alcohol is encouraged on these occasions as per the NZ Tractor Trek code of conduct. Each participant will be required to organise a designated driver each day of the event. Designated drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol before driving vehicles.


  • Participants will be briefed as to their obligations and conditions set for the event at the start and lunchbreak of each day. Drivers must make themselves available to attend these briefings.

Checking in Each Day

  • Every vehicle is required to check out at breakfast, check in and check out at lunch and then check in at the end of each day. If you plan on missing any part of the day’s driving for whatever reason it is your responsibility to ensure that the Trek Organizer is advised.


  • Each entrant pays an entry fee of $250 which covers administration costs of the trek. Participants will be provided with a Trek Hi-Viz vest. This should be worn at all times on the road. Entrants are expected to arrange their own accommodation
  • Entrants are encouraged to seek sponsorship of $5000 for their tractor. If entrants are having difficulty securing sponsors, Tractor Trek organisers will endeavor to provide assistance.
  • If organisations and entrants in the course of raising sponsorship funds wish to put these funds through their own account and then transfer to the Te Ora Hau Trust out of their own account they must first seek approval in writing from the NZ Tractor Trek  Organizer.
  • Regardless of how funds are collected they must be transferred to the Te Ora Hau Trust on a monthly basis along with the list of donors who donated the funds.  Give a Little donations may also be made – see website.
  • Entrants must clearly indicate on the Registration Form if they have special dietary needs.


  • All participants must have a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy or third party property damage insurance policy for the Trek vehicle, which provides adequate coverage including usage for the Trek event. Evidence of cover by way of a certificate of currency from the participant’s insurer, noting the Trek, is to be provided at or prior to scrutineering, 

Road Rules

  • Tampering with official council, LTNZ road signs or Tractor Trek signs is forbidden. What might seem to be a joke can become very dangerous if, further back down the field, a vehicle takes a wrong turn. The NZ Tractor Trek is not exempt from normal road and traffic rules, and infringements of speed limits and blood alcohol limits can be prosecuted by the Police. Participants who, by breaking the law or behaving in a dangerous manner, bring discredit to the Tractor Trek or hospice, may be asked to withdraw and may not be invited to participate in future NZ Tractor Trek events. In such cases no refunds will be considered. In locations involving long or steep descents, and particularly where “Trucks and Buses must use low gear” signs are displayed, tractors must engage a gear low enough that it should be unnecessary for them to use brakes. i.e. Mount Damper. Vehicle free-wheeling is not permitted.


  • Where possible the trek route will avoid major highways.
  • The route is set using mainly secondary roads plus a small amount of highway. Participants are the guests of the local communities so some basic common sense rules apply. Please leave gates as you find them. If you cause any damage to a gate or fence you must report it as soon as possible to the Trek  Organizer so that the damage can be repaired or compensation paid to the landowner. Similarly, any collision with stock must be reported to the Trek  Organizer or an Official.


  • Please look after the environment. Please do not throw rubbish from the tractor as it is being driven along. Any rubbish from the tractor can be disposed of in a rubbish bin at the stops. Local communities should not have to clean up after us.


  • Participants are to present their tractors fuelled up and ready for scrutineering on the afternoon of Sunday 11 February 2018 so that tractors can be checked and participants briefed before the Trek gets underway at 8.00am on Monday 12 February 2018.  The Scrutineering point is currently Lands End, Bluff.  Participants will be advised with final timings closer to the event.


  • Please do not throw cigarettes out of windows or onto the ground. Put them out properly and put the butts in a safe and non-hazardous place. Please don’t smoke around children. It is an offence to smoke on school grounds.

Tractor Safety

  • All Tractor Trek vehicles must have current registration and meet warrant of fitness standard.  The registration or permit must not be conditional on carrying long or wide vehicle signage.
  • In addition all tractors must be fitted with at least a rear view mirror on the right hand side so as to permit the driver to see overtaking traffic. Entrants are also encouraged to have indicators and brake lights. Each tractor will display a suitable, working, high intensity amber warning beacon.
  • Each vehicle must carry a first aid kit.
  • Tractors will proceed in the convoy according to the position they are allocated by the Trek  Organizer and will not overtake each other.
  • Passengers may only be carried when appropriate seating is legally provided as part of the vehicle.
  • There will be a limit of 20 placed on the number of tractors accepted into the 2018 Trek.
  • To manage the risk from following and approaching vehicles, escort vehicles will be displaying warning signage as approved by Transit NZ. The escort vehicles will provide adequate warning to approaching vehicles.
  • Drivers must maintain a safe following distance at all times appropriate to the current road conditions.  A minimum distance of one power pole length is to be maintained at all times.  Any further driving restrictions given by the Trek  Organizer must be observed.
  • Tractors will travel at between 20 and 35 km per hour when on the open road.
  • Tractors must be removed from the road when stopped in rest areas.
  • Tractors must also be removed quickly from the road if broken down and will preferably be towed.
  • Spark inhibitors are to be fitted to all vehicles.
  • All instructions given by the Police and/or other Authorities, or Trek,  Organizer or his delegate must be complied with.

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