Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to know about the trek itself?
    Check out the A-Z of trek information here
  • Can we host the tractors and drivers when they visit our town at our community event or venue? 
    Our accommodation has already been booked, but we would love to visit and be part of your event.  Please Contact Phil
  • Will it be delayed due to bad weather?
    No! We will keep trekking on
  • What vehicles can join the trek?
    We are open to any vehicles joining us, contact Phil to discuss your ideas.
  • Is food provided and meals together with the group?
    Drivers contribute to a kitty as most meals are provided by trek cooks.
  • Is accommodation included?
    No. But we will provide a list of suggested accommodation and it is up to you to book yourself. First in first served! 
  • I am unable to complete the entire Trek. Is it possible to drive a part of the Trek only?
    Yes. We are open to drivers participating in parts of the Trek only. Please make contact to discuss your proposal.
  • Can I divert the sponsorship funds I raise to a particular hospice?
    Yes. The funds we collect in a particular region go to that region’s hospice. If you wish to redirect these to another hospice we can arrange it.
  • Will any donation I make be tax deductible?
    Yes hospice are a tax deductible charity.

For further information and your questions, please feel free to Contact Phil

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